Goofy Glass



Goofy Glass is a face-morphing mirror that twists your face in funny ways. The effects bend, twist, distort, and warp your mug as if you were made of rubber. Simply look your phone and let the effects do their magic. This is a great way to waste a few moments add a little laughter to your life. Or you can import a photo to twist a friends face, see the world through the predator filter, or your mother-in-law a warped and bloated, you’ll be sure to be laughing the whole time.

It is like...
- A carnival mirror right in your home without all the clowns.
- A mad plastic surgeon working on your face without losing your nose.
- All the laughter and amusement without sticking your head in a taffy press.
- All the magic of a skinny head and fat nose, without the celebrity diet.


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