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    # ""Gsound does the work of 3 apps in 1"" - Wired
    # "First android app in the World with Music and TV Auto Discovery" - Yahoo Finance

    With Gsound, music lovers can:
    • Auto Discovery: recognize any song also when the phone is locked!
    • Obtain millions of lyrics
    • Play songs on Spotify
    • Purchase songs directly on 7digital
    • Watch music videos and concerts on YouTube
    • Find millions of music titles, artists and discography information for your songs
    • Buy t-shirts, CD, Vinyl Record and more on Amazon!

    Movies and TV lovers can:
    • Identify Live TV and find out more about your stars while watching TV. Connect with the products you see on TV and shop for them on Amazon.
    • Discover thousands of American movies and TV shows with details on titles, actors/actresses and episodes - Our database is growing every week!
    • Find ratings and trailers on IMDB
    • Get more information on Netflix content, links to YouTube videos you like and other TV on demand sites
    • Share what you are watching with friends on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

    If you want even more, Gsound offers an auto discovery:
    Gsound recognizes your songs, TV shows and movies without the push of a button. Just activate our auto-discovery and you will never miss another song. It works anywhere and lets you recognize all songs whether you are at a club, in a bar or driving a car, while respecting your privacy and battery life.

    Find out what so many others are talking about and start to connect to your TV shows, songs and movies!

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