GTR2 Shifter LED On Smartphone



An App where you can use the display of your smartphone as the indicater when to shift to another gear for the Game GTR2

author: yuca

This App gives you a gear shifter LED on your Smartphone as an alternative for the on sreen one, signalise you to shift a gear up or down.
The LED is now as big as your display of your phone.

How does it work?
You need two applications, one started on your windows desktop, ( which reads the revs from GTR2
and a second one, on your phone filling your display with one color, depending how close you are to the revs limit.
The application on your desktop creates an webserver which will accessed by the phone app.

What is needed?
GTR2 (shared memory on), a smartphone with internet access (connected over WLAN) and the two apps.
The windows program is a stand alone (no instalation needed), but needs open ports threw your Firewall (default 8080).
The App needs to be installed on the phone. In default, it searches the host at the ip adress
Start the desktop app, start your phone app, on your phone (from version 2.0) you will be asked to confirm host ip and port adress.
If succesfull, the phone display will blank to dark grey. Start GTR2 and enjoy.
You can quit the app by any key.

The app blanks the complete screen into following output colors:
grey, GTR not started
blue, GTR started or low REVS (default below 80%)
green, medium REVS (default between 80%-90%)
red, high REVS (default over 90%)
remains black, no connection

You can quit the App threw pressing any (hardware) key. The Host program is terminated by closing the window.

Be aware, on Java devices, you will be asked to allow access to capabilities.
Using GSM as network is not a good idea, it might be not for free and you will need to open your network on this port. This might be a open door.

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