Guild Wars 2: Field Guide FREE



This application provides important information for players of Guild Wars 2. It is designed for use while playing the game.

It covers:

* Atlas- View maps of each zone (only Divinity's Reach, Queensdale and Kessex Hills in this release)
* Crafting- Review the different crafting skills and browse the items and recipes they can create
* Items - A database of items in the game.
* Professions - Review the different professions in the game to find the one that best fits you.
* Game News - News from a variety of GW2 sources
* Game Articles - The best articles on the web

Guild Wars 2 is a large ever changing game. If you find information in this application that is incorrect, please report it on our forums at and we will correct the information in the next release.

Neither this application nor is affiliated in anyway with either ArenaNet or NCSoft. Neither ArenaNet nor NCSoft endorse this application.

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