Gun Shooting Training




    You could have a simple reading about the 'TUTORIAL'.
    If you want to set your phone gun, it is available to you in the 'SETTING'.
    You can select any weapon you love in your training.
    In the process of training, you can get a total score.
    Also you can get enough knowledge about your gun from GOOLE, BING, WIKI, YOUTUBE.
    Of course you could take part in some shooting events or campaign if you support this app.
    Come share with your friends!
    It's totally free!!

    'Training' is available for your exercising.

    1. Training 1
    To work it, simply "volume up" is to start, "volume down" to fire, "menu button" to reload.
    Keep your hand stable.

    2. Training 2
    You have choice from these situations such as helicopter, boat, vehicle and subway training.
    Don't forget to open media sound and then you can hear realistic shot sound and your scores from the gun trainer!
    Target is moving and time is limited.

    3. Training 3
    You can get access to sword, slap, punch, whip, hidden weapons and light saber to train your skill and get relative sounds.
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