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Amaze your friends with your Hadouken skills!

Line up your camera shot, hit the Punch button and wait for Ken to scream "HADOUKEN".

From Japanese Ha Dou (Wave or Surge) and Ken (Fist, Technique, or Attack); a blastwave or fireball formed from a martial artist's life energy (or ki/ch'i). The hands are brought together, heels of the palms touching, and moved to beside the fighter's waist (which is as close as one can get to the center of the body, where the most ch'i gathers). The energy is then focused into the hands, and when both arms are thrown forward, palms outward, the energy wave is fired in the same direction as the double palm punch. Sometimes known as Makankosappo or Kamehameha.

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P.s. You spell it "Hadouken" and pronounce it "Hadoken"

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