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Change your hairstyle and see what looks good on you

  • Funny and entertaining
  • Original hairstyles
  • Not realistic
  • Controls aren't always smooth

"The Hairography"

Hair Change is a funny and entertaining for Android in which you can take a picture of someone and try different hairstyles on them. You can choose between Woman and Men styles and then start changing their hair. You can select among several hairstyles divided into Short, Medium, Long and Wedding Hair, changing its color (only black, red, green or blue). On the bottom tab, you can move the face, change the hairstyle and even add some more style details such as hats, crowns, bows... and even clothes. Of course, as well as other picture edition apps, the background and frame can also be modified.

This japanese app, created by Ra Beauty Core is a fun app, not realistic at all. You cannot depend on the results to try new hairstyles in real life, as it won't be loyal to reality. It's fairly easy to use (subtitled in English) but it's not as smooth as it should be: it freezes sometimes and experiences some problems. At the same time, it's a really funny app to play with your friends and laugh a little.

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Nov 17, 2011

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