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Happiness booster is simple cool application that will switch your emotions and make you happy.
Simply shake it and laugh at the funny pictures and sentences :)

Comments form happiness booster users:
"Love this app & just what Ive needed! I will share this all my friends & family! Everyone just needs to take a break & laugh!!! :-)" - Debbie O'Hara

"Can't help but smile Very cool. Always makes me smile no matter what :) " - Emma Myers
"Fantastic I love it if I'm feeling down I just do this and feel on top of my game" -Ella Strachan

So if you wonder what will make me happy, or what will change my emotions? Happiness booster is the answer.

Happiness booster is using human psychology to switch your emotions and to make you feel happy. The process of making you happy is made out of four stages that contain carefully selected pictures and sentences. Every stage has its purpose and by going through these stages at a specific order you will start changing you mood and start feeling happy and cheerful.

The four Happinizer steps:

[Stage 1] Changing perception
This step is using philosophical sentences and pictures that will make you start questioning your current state of emotions. This stage is laying foundation for changing your mood to happy

[Stage 2] Boosting mood
Here you will see funny images and sentences that will make you smile.

[Stage 3 ] Embedding smile
Will try to force you to make physical smile. Even if you make a fake smile and hold it for 3 seconds your brain will start making neuropeptides that are responsible for that happy feelings.

[Stage 4] Initializing happiness
Is using sort of auto suggestion that will confirm happy felling that is brought to you by previous two steps, and will open your mind for current happy emotion.

Every stage contains different images and sentences that are made especially for that stage. Pictures and sentences are displayed in random order and every time you start the Happinizer different scene will be played.

There are more then 20 different sentences and 30 different pictures that are carefully designed for you to start feeling happy.

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