[HD] Paint Study_TAB (Kids)

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    Our children are unaware of the adult world is full of exciting things.
    Do not you want the inside?
    Our children's imagination and creativity if you want to spy on the idea of the world _ Growing your coloring gift.
    A variety of different colors in the picture spy chilhamyeonseo is a great painter.
    Emotional coloring, as well as rich and shapes, words, objects can also learned that the natural learning.
    Beautiful dreams of our children to fill the color!

    • 40 different kinds of picture cards (fruits, animals, musical instruments, shapes, etc.)
    • seven different colors and eraser
    • improve concentration
    • important for growing kids frontal, parietal, temporal effects such as brain development of a balanced
    • Color Composer gives us a sense of learning and to effectively
    • children's individuality and creativity in developing effective
    • Positive thinking and emotional development effectively

    * A total of 120 steady update of coloring can be found.

    _Some pictures can't show at Tablet PC that has a resolution less than 
    1024*600 pixcels

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