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Heartbeat scanner is most entertaining and sophisticated, as well as graphically polished scanner on the market. It's a very latest and high-techy way to know your heartbeat rate through your smartphone.
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Heartbeat scanner is a fingerprint scanner that measured your heartbeat rate.. Just open it, put your thumb/finger on hold button for several seconds. In this way, it will begin to analyze your fingerprint. After a while, it will show you the result. Don't take the results seriously.It is always a good joke or prank on your friends, and you will be surprised how good it matches most of the time.


1. Simple, easy-to-use interface and design.
2. Includes progress bars for analyzing and processing.
3. Looks very realistic and convincing.
4. Awesome HD graphics
5. Can be used over and over for hours of endless fun.

Note:- Heartbeat Scanner is for entertainment purposes only, and does not actually scan your finger print for real. That would be impossible.

Download this fun app and enjoy!!

Tags:- Heart rate meter, emotion-reader, Heart Beat Locker

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