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“Your Favorite MC's Favorite Web Page, HiphopLE”

HiphopLE(Hiphop Limited Edition) is a Korean online music magazine which mostly focuses on "Urban music" such as hip-hop and R&B.
Its goal is to improve the understanding and provide easier approach for Korean people to urban music.
It provides World-wide news, subtitled music videos, editorials, interviews, and also hosts various events such as album sales and concerts.


[Shortcuts to "Lyrics" and "Subtitle MV"]

It's getting much easier to enjoy HiphopLE.

HiphopLE The App provides shortcuts to some of awesome contents on, "Lyrics" and "Subtitle MV".

All it takes is just two-step. It's THAT EASY.
1. Put any song titles you want on the search bar
2. Choose what you want on the results window and Enjoy it!

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