Horn Timer FART PRO 103



Need a classic timer with some funny sounds? - check this out !
Need a door bell where not available? Want to attract attention?
This is a multipurpose app, and here are some examples:

- You cook something and need a reminder after 2 hours before it get burned :)
- You are at the stadium and want to make some additional noise :)
- You want to make fun with your friends - just hide the smartphone and set the timer :)
- You enter a store and nobody pays attention? - then attract some :)

This app features:

- Several sounds like: sirens, horn, air horn, 2 incredible fart sounds, siren, airhorn, ring, thunder, bell
- Screensaver which displays the time left
- Prevents the phone to go to "sleep" mode
- Door bell button

Simple and FREE by BXX HOT APPS

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