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Hulu: Watch TV & Stream Movies's review


The world of television in your mobile device.

  • Lots of content
  • Cleanly designed interface
  • Useful parental controls
  • No offline mode

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Hulu is now on of the big behemoths on the music streaming block. Owned by most of the major networks, Hulu brings a wealth of television shows, movies, and documentaries to your mobile device. If you love watching television, you'll love Hulu.


There is a huge variety of content to tap into. Hours of television watching goodness are waiting for you. The menus are cleanly designed and easily navigable. Resume watching from any device. Parental controls make it easy to lock kids out of undesirable shows.


Hulu does require an internet connection to function, there is no offline mode. The app froze once while watching the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and needed to be reloaded to return it to full functionality. Got a low bandwidth message on one occasion. Nobody loves commercials

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by William

Jul 03, 2015

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