The app that puts a smile to your face every time you look at your phone.

    - Here we have collected Entertaining/Funny/Out of this world Fail pictures from all over the web. Ones that making you giggle or ones that make you "laugh out loud".

    - Different people have different tastes in many things but, when it comes down to funny! everyone laughs, and we do our best to put and keep that smile on your face.

    - our app has thousands of pics to look at but thats not all .

    - you can share the pics u liked on Facebook or email .

    - you can also even upload a pic that you like to our app.
    We try and bring the developer and the user together, like a big happy family .

    If you are happy with what we give you, then there is more
    Check out our did know know category, It will blow your mind away.

    This part of the app tells you the most random facts that will make you droll, don't believe us well check it out!

    They say one smile is enough to make your whole day cheery, so browse, laugh, smile and enjoy the rest of your day :)

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