i-flow: creating chemistry with BASF

The i-flow concept car, jointly developed by Hyundai and BASF, is equipped with many innovations, which to date have not been combined in one vehicle. You will have the first-hand augmented reality experience of the various fabulous features of the i-flow.

There are 3 major features of the car that you can enjoy:

* Thermal engine encapsulation

- Get under the hood of the car and see what can be done to keep your engine at optimum operating temperature and save fuel

* Lightweight car seat

- See for yourself how light car seats can be! With this, savings on fuel will make you happy

* iGloss: Eye-catching and environmentally friendly coatings

- Have never seen cars with mirror-like reflections? The i-flow has it!

Start to expand your physical, real-world environment and augment it with computer-generated graphics and sounds.

Demonstrating the current state-of-the-art in the development of new materials and technologies for the automotive industry, the i-flow illustrates real possibilities for sustainable mobility in the future. In total, BASF contributed 25 solutions to the i-flow, which allow greater fuel efficiency, a lower environmental impact, freedom of design as well as greater comfort and safety.

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