i3D Books Snow White



The first fairy tale series of i3D Books came out!
Its a 3D technology without glasses.
Use of Gyroscope and Accelerometer,
you can see the i3D Books in real pop-up book
by tilting the device.
Experience amazing Virtual Reality
with your children~!

■ About Snow White ■
Snow White was a beautiful young lady
who was as white as snow,
and her hair was as black as ebony.
Her stepmother, the queen decided to kill
Snow White, because of her jealousy.
The queen prepared a poisoned apple,
and made Snow White to eat it.
Snow White got poisoned
and fell into a deep sleep.
Time passes, and a prince travelling
through the land sees Snow White,
and falls into love with her....

■ About Brothers Grimm ■
The Brothers Grimm were German academics,
linguists and cultural researchers
who collected folklore and published several
collections of it as Grimm's Fairy Tales,
which became very popular.
They are among the best-known story tellers
of European folk tales, and their work
popularized such stories as "Cinderella",
"The Frog Prince", "Hansel and Gretel",
"Rapunzel", "Sleeping Beauty",
and "Snow White".

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