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Impressia is an application about success, goals, and progress. The purpose of this application is to motivate people anytime. Some people might need the motivation from morning till the next day, while others will only need it sometime during the day. :-)

To enjoy your time while waiting for Impressia to download, we have a short story for you:

A Donkey and a Well

One day, a donkey fell into an old well. The poor animal spent hours crying for help, while a farmer tried to figure out how to help the donkey. Eventually the farmer made up his mind and decided that he doesn’t need the donkey nor the well. The farmer decided to fill up the well with earth. He asked his neighbors for help. Each one of them took a shovel and began to throw the earth and dirt into the well. At first, the donkey cried really loud, but he eventually became silent. The farmer and his neighbors threw in some more dirt and then the farmer took a peek at the inside of the well. There, he spotted something unexpected. When the earth and dirt fell on the donkey, the donkey simply shook it off and stomped on it, elevating himself higher. The more dirt was thrown inside the well, the higher the donkey got. The donkey eventually got high enough to jump out of the well and run away. What is the moral of this story? Life will sometimes throw dirt at you or other types of trash. We should learn to shake it off and move on. Every problem we encounter is a stair through which we can get higher. Like this, we can even get out of the deepest wells. The important is to not give up. Let’s shake off the dirt and take a step higher!

Impressia is the first application filled with various quotes and sayings. Impressia offers you 365 carefully chosen quotes/sayings, one for each day.

Share some of your favorite quotes/sayings with your friends though email, SMS, or through social media.

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Awaboom team wishes you a successful journey towards your goal :-)

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