iMystic Fortune Teller Lite



The number 1 Apple iPhone/iPad Fortune teller has finally arrived for your Android device!

This is the app you have all been waiting for...
...Well you will wait no more!

Using it's mystic database, iMystic will be able to offer you words of wisdom, encouragement, happiness and offer a fresh daily outlook for your lifestyle.

With the potential of a number 1 worldwide hit, this app is a must for those who like to read fortunes, without the taste of those bland cookies!

Not to mention, no mess from wrappers and crumbs!

Featuring over 280 unique responses!*
The ability to email your fortune to anyone via built-in email feature!**

So what are you waiting for?

...It is time to try, iMystic.

* Lite version has 20 fortunes, upgradeable to over 280 via in-app purchase.

** In-app email function available after in-app purchase.

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