Incognito SMS



Joke Application!

Make fun with your friend sending him SMS from any name!
In the field “to” and also in the main message you can enter whatever you want!

The rules:
1. ”to” field- enter the recipient phone number.
2. ”from” field- enter the fictional phone number/name .It should be up to 11 characters (Latin letters), or 14 numbers.
3. The max length of the SMS is 480 characters. The long SMS is divided into following parts: SMS’s length In Latin script may include up to 160 characters, the rest of alphabets may include up to than 70 characters.

The author developed the application like “Joke Application” and didn’t mean to offend anyone.
• The user must ensure that the laws of his country do not prohibit the name/ number of the sender, and meets the existing ethical norms and principles of his country.
• If the name / number of the sender SMS-message is a trademark or service mark so he is a registered users (obtained the license legally).

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