Instant Crickets Widget



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Press the instant widget button to make your cricket sound effects! Perfect for awkward moments or friends who really aren't that funny.

All my widgets come with a 15-minute trial period. If this widget isn't for you, just return it within that time and we'll cancel the order.

IMPORTANT: This is just a widget. To use it, you must long-click your home screen and add the Cricket Widget. You can NOT run it like a normal application, sorry.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I installed the app but it doesn't appear in my app list.

A: This is a widget ONLY. You can't run it like normal application. You must add to home screen to use it: press the home button, long-press an empty area of the screen and choose 'add widget'.

Q: The volume is too low.. I can barely hear it!

A: Your media volume is turned down. You can increase it by pressing vol up while the sound effect plays or by adjusting the volume through the system settings. If your volume was down low after listening to music or watching Netflix, you'll have to turn it back up. Remember, Android phones have different volume settings for your ring vs media, so make sure you turn up the right one!


Special thanks to Tim G. for the idea :)

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