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*Over 9,300,000,000,000 unique insults across 6 different categories (only 3 in the this free version)! The largest database EVER!*

SIX categories of insults:

Regular: "You're a few pills short of a blister pack, you mentally inadequate heifer!"
Single: "You coffin dodger!"
Double: "You religious son of a chicken soup dispenser operative!"
Squared*: "Give yourself a chocolate finger, you pimple dwelling, insipid bucket of growler discharge!"
Triple*: "You granny dogging, shaft probing wuss!"
Plus*: "You're a snooty goit who would lose a battle of wits with a cheese sandwich!"

Text to Speech on insults! Press the play button or in settings you can have every insult spoken by default!
Twitter integration
Facebook integration*
SMS integration*
Share feature*
Every insult automatically compied to your clipboard

*Paid version only.

Language is the single most important thing that separates us humans from the animals. Along with the opposable thumb, it is entirely responsible for the dominance of the human race as a species on this planet. The ability to express complex thoughts and emotions as words is unique to our species and is the cornerstone of society as we know it. In other words, language is an indicator of intelligence ... and in our humble opinion, there's no better use of this intelligence than composing a really, really offensive insult.

Aristotle once said that "Wit is educated insolence". Our goal is to make wit widespread where insolence once reigned. It is this noble pursuit of insult composition that is at the heart of our "Insult Generator".

We believe that we have succeeded where many others have failed by creating an insult generator with the biggest ever bank of possible insults. At the last count, our generator was capable of creating over 9,300,000,000,000 UNIQUE insults. This is without doubt the only insult generator you will ever need (until we add more of course!).

However, be warned - it doesn't pull it's punches so use it at your own risk!

NOTE: * This is the ad supported limited version, only has 3 categories and 120 insults per day!*

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