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Boost your network signal just by pressing one button!
This is the best Turbo Booster and internet Optimizer , that works on placebo effect

One click is all it takes to get faster Internet only based on placebo.

KEY Features that placebo will produce:
• Improves your signal reception
• Improves your wifi signal
• Internet speed
• Improves 3G and 4G signal

Using this app you can achieve amazing results , get faster Internet speed and boost your broadband for Free !

Get amazing results instantly and see the results instantly by doing the simple 'Before and After' Web speed test
The benefit from this application is data speed increase for wifi, 3g and 4g networks based on placebo effect.
Use this app every time when you need stronger signal.
When doing speed test you can see from the data tests how your real data and Broadband connection get faster performance.
The easiest tool to speed up downloading your files.

This is the most popular turbo internet booster, download it and try it to see the performance difference.
Star the service and your connection will be optimized as much as possible.
DNS lookups and cache management are also controlled to get the best of it.
Users will see the deference if open some video on youtube and because of the better video prebuffering the browser will be more responsive.
Also it is easy to notice the faster opening websites and faster refreshing.

Disclaimer: This Internet booster is for fun

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