Intimate Farrago



This application will open a world of intimate poetry that will not leave you indifferent.


List of changes (changelog) Extended:

Version 1.0: Version "pilot" of the application.

Version 1.1 / / Last modification:

* Added the ability to search for entries with the keywords that the user put in the search.

* Added music player via mp3/podcast.

* Decrease in consumption wifi to not download new entries, which saves a lot of energy to the device.

* Movement ("scroll") of the entire program, optimized and improved reading fluency getting great tickets.

* Possibility to add any RSS / ATOM feeds that you want the user (Intimate Farrago is included).

* Added 34 new languages ​​(including Catalan).

* Visual Improvement in all sections (including list view or grid).

* Fixed Bugs and errors that prevented the user a comfortable reading.

* Support offline via podcast (the podcast is downloaded when the device is allowing online when the user is offline can hear)

* Added support for 4G (mobile).

* Added the possibility of introducing "feeds" with https format.

* Improved time synchronization entries is now much faster and with fewer errors in reading the entries.

* Ability to pass a "full screen" viewing expanding the space of the inputs.

* Improved the "reading" of images by the program (now appear many more images than the previous version).

* Fixed the problem that occurred with the Arabic language where an error occurred on the date to read about certain entries.

Version 1.2 / / Last modification:

* Fixed bugs found in the menu to select languages

* Improved system refresh pages of blogs and minimized bandwidth of the pages loading / browsing (cache).

* Fixed a bug that did not allow the change of rss / atom source.

* Tried to solve the problem caused the program to the images that did not appear to have the "Spanish" language by the user preset.

* Improved music playback system to include an improved gui.

* Improved gui language selection and improvement of the available languages.

Version 1.3 / / Last modification:

* Fixed a critical bug in the 2.3.2/2.3.3 versions of Android, which by the application to crash when switching tab.

* Updated Spanish, Greek, Catalan, Simplified Chinese language, French, Bulgarian, hungarés and Italian, among others.

* Removed support for Android 1.6, due to the use of more current libraries that prevented proper operation.

* Much improved time synchronization (up to 4 times faster!).

* Implementation of Google Reader. Now the user can import content from blogs and Google Reader.

* Including the "cleaned manually cache" for slower devices.

* New source modes (Menu -> Font Size). Now the user can choose between superpequeña, small, medium, large or super large).

* Fixed problem with volume up / down device physically (the program reacted badly).

* Improved imaging system to reduce errors "out of memory" and improve the performance thereof.

* Improved performance of the application with content / blogs more than 3000 items.

* New color settings, date and time, among others.

* Added contextual menus: Open web, remove input atom / rss and properties.

* Ability to group content and / or tickets.

* Added menu option to delete all entries.

* Implemented system manual / automatic cleanup of old or not seen in a long time items.

* Added Korean, Russian, Thai, Swedish, Czech, among others.

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