Irish Toasts and Sayings



The Irishmen were wise and they knew the basic essence of life. Irish Quotes and Proverbs are the most celebrated pieces of art in the history of literature. We have handpicked and put these interesting proverbs in an easily accessible collection for you. Proverbs on religion, life, kindness, happiness, relationships, success and the basics of human existence to add a touch of Irish wit and wisdom to your life. With proverbs, explore Irish quotes, sayings, folklore, blessings and use them in your day today conversations to create an impact. These Irish proverbs will give you an account of the great sense of humour the Irishmen had and after you read them a couple of times, you will surely know when, how and where to use them. Share these proverbs with your near and dear ones and keep sprinkling wisdom wherever you go. Enjoy every bit of the Irish miracles as you start reading these beautiful quotes and proverbs. “May God bless us with happiness, and may love and faith abide.” – Irish Blessing.

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