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Jack Reacher is a fictional character created by British author Jim Grant (who writes under the pen name of Lee Child). (See our App on Lee Child).

Based upon Lee Child’s novel, “One Shot,” Paramount Studio will release Jack Reacher on December 21st staring Tom Cruise with a stupendous supporting cast.

Jack Reacher's First Appearance: Killing Floor (March 1997)
Created by: Lee Child
Nickname(s): Reacher
Aliases: Jack always uses an alias when checking into a hotel. In earlier stories, this was usually the name of a lesser know ex-president. Later he more often used baseball player’s names.
Occupation: U.S. Army Military Police (retired), pension income.
Family: Father; Stan Reacher Former United States Marine, Died 1988
Mother; Josephine Moutier Reacher died in Paris of cancer 1990
Brother; Joe Reacher murdered in Georgia 1997 working for the Treasury Department.
Spouce(s): Never married
Children: None
Relatives: None living

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