Jedi Light Saber



Jedi Light Saber is probably the best lightsaber of the market ! It has been developed with high quality images and features, app' size optimization and the wish to improve as much as possible.

Available features :
- Change the color and the hilt of the lightsaber
- Move the lightsaber and hear the sound of swing or hit your ennemy by doing a quick movement with the lightsaber
- Lightsaber pulsations
- Lightsaber On/Off animation
- Storage on SDCard enabled
- Play 5 famous Star Wars music in background ( + the famous Vader's breath )
- Resources optimizations providing a very light size to the app
- Choice of characters ( bounded with colors and real hilts )
- Full screen view
- Huge choice of background image
- Allow to use camera as background
- Choice of background image
- Flash when hit
- Jedi forces : throw saber, lightnings, push
- Darth Maul staff
- Achievements
- Instructions
- Allowing a lot of customizations

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About permissions :
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : used for the storage of the Star Wars background musics
- INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : used for download the Star Wars background musics
- HARDWARE_CAMERA : used for the flash
- WAKE_LOCK : disable the auto screen lock ( annoying too much users )

Available jedi and sith :
obi-wan kenobi, anakin skywalker, ahsoka tano, luke skywalker, qui-gon jinn, plo koon, kit fisto, aayla secura, shaak ti, bastila shan, tenel ka djo ,mace windu, yoda, darth vader, darth sidious ( emperor palpatine ), darth maul, count dooku, asajj ventress, darth revan, darth nihilus

Available star wars backgrounds :
camera, stars universe, bridge, coruscant, dagobah, death_star, devastator, endor, geonosis, kashyyyk, mustafar, naboo, raxus_prime, tatooine, yavin

Licence : this Star wars lightsaber application has been made for fun. All sounds, images and ideas are registered trademarks of Lucas Arts.

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