Jihad Kawas




    ★Who Am I ?
    I'm a Public Speaker, finance and tech enthusiast, mobile app developer, game designer, active blogger, photography lover, and entrepreneur...i also make music (just for fun)... oh yeah, and i'm 15!

    ★Really? Why an App ?
    Well, since i'm present on most social networks and have lots of traffic and people interested in my content (Photographs, tweets, articles...), and since i'm an active person that always attend Tech, entrepreneurship,music and sports events, i believe i have lots of connections categorized in such different fields! So i decided to make it easier for my friends, connections, and clients to stay connected with me, and keep-up with my latest news and activities, by using this simple app.

    ★App features:
    - Social App (in-app Twitter TimeLine, Facebook feeds , others…)
    - Offline Photo Gallery browsing
    - Instagram Profile
    - Audio (My Music, Podcast and Radio)
    - In-app Video Player (My Youtube videos, speeches and talks)
    - Contact Us (e-mail me, call me, text me, follow me, and find me)
    - Notifications (So i can always Surprise you)
    - Live RSS feeds (Soon in the next update)

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