JP Comedy : Bringing The Funny



JP Comedy is all about bringing the funny.

Who Is He?
He's Jeremiah Perkins. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but now residing in Dallas, Texas, this brotha is all about bringing the funny.

What's Up With The App?
The JP Comedy App allows you to listen to his audio clips and skits, as well as his Comedy Episodes directly from you phone.

In addition to his Comedy Episodes, you will have access to JP Comedy News, JP Comedy Pics and you will be able to checkout all of his social media locations for additional information, news and funny business.

What Kind Of Funny Does He Bring?
If you like Chris Rock, Tony Rock, Kevin Hart, you will love JP Comedy. He shares personal stories that weren't funny at the time they happened, but with his ability to make a mishap into funny, he's able to get you to look at things from a different perspective to see the lighter side of things.

His Social Media Locations:

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