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I just love watching reruns of this hidden camera reality television show. It's a bit like Candid Camera, only better. There are no dialogues but lots of silly pranks played on unsuspecting people.

Watching people's disbelief/reaction to the prank happening before them and then watching their relief/response when they realize that it's just a prank is a welcome comic relief for me.

This comedy hit show is into its 13th season with a 30-minute running time per episode. There have been a few international versions of the show which are produced in the countries of USA, UK, Singapore, Japan and the Philippines.

Download this app to view many of my favorite episodes, get connected with the show's fans, new upcoming videos and the latest news and stories.

Unlike many of the fake "reality" TV shows with elaborate elimination games, Just For Laughs Gags is the real deal, and quite possible the most original.

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