This software kaleidoscope image files such as photos (Kaleidoscope) and then rotated so on. Specify the size range of image files and drawings, rotation and movement type from the menu options, please specify. Touch the screen to rotate the image appears and begins to move. The menu "Show Region" is checked while, the search button (magnifying glass) is pressed, a small corner of the image file to display the screen shown in the drawing area with a red triangle. The search button is not a terminal, press and hold the screen (2ms or more), and then you can view the range by drawing away. Go to the place where you touch the area and drawing the appropriate scope of this drawing.

With the following additions. 1) 3) 4) Please set menu.

1) Added two hexagonal pattern.
2) with a view to move the location of the touch screen drawing area.
3) You can modify the size or area below.
Small (x 0.8), default (1x), medium (x 1.5), large (x 2.0)
4) can be set off to not even being given an automatic off-screen.

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