Kids Finger Paint Pro



FUN and EASY kids finger painting game. Children love it Adults enjoy it/
Kids Finger Paint! Easy Fill Color using paint bucket Technique.
We designed this game with kids in mind, and hope you and they enjoy it!
Kids Paint Instructions:
1) Pick the paint you want to color with
2) Touch the area where you want to color
3) Choose menu for new backgrouds
Your painted pictures can be saved so that you can emai then set as wall paper or print then out.
Right now animal backgrounds to choose from but more categories and coloring pages comming soon
Alphabets - for cloring the ABC's.
Shapes - for coloring the square, oval, circle, triangle, star etc. Great way to lear about shapes.
Numbers - Color and learn numbers.
Cartoons - Has your favourite cartoon characters for coloring Micky Mouse, Dora, Elmo, Spongebob and more...
Nature - For nature lovers, color the flower, tree, rainbow, pumpkin etc.
Transportation - Here you will find the car's, bus, plane, train and many more for your coloring pleasure.
Brings out creativity. Kids love it also. Simple and fun. Very responsive, and easy editing.
Great to keep your child entertained for a while.
Keep on Finger Painting.

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