Kids Zoo Sound ABC



''New Way Of Learning''

RLE is a positive initiative towards refinements in the field of learning and education for the kids.
We are developing new ideas for the kids in respects to:

Key Features:
- Learn ABC Screen with Animals Images, Sound and Touch responses.
- Challenge Screen for challenging the Kids to choose correct Animals by means of sound and images.
- Developing Brain Visual Cortex with our unique techniques of presenting the objects images.
- Developing Brain Auditory cortex with our unique techniques of binding the sounds with object images.
- Game for Fast Reaction

We are continuously in development for new ideas and implementing them in the fun applications.
Help us to make more unique techniques for providing better ways of education.

Whats coming soon:
- More fun ways of learning, interacting objects.
- More different Types Of Challenge.
- Different Subjects

*Note: We are using ad monetizing for earning to keep developing and manage our team, If you are Education body and want to bind with us please contact, thanks.

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