Kidz Learn



"Kidz Learn" application is a learning tool and it is available for download, as a universal app in Android platform.Once downloaded it does not require internet connection to play the contents. Upon opening this app the users i.e. kids can view 6 menu options. The 7 menu options comprises of Alphabets, Numbers, Stories, Shapes, Colors, Body Parts.
This application can be used as a learning tool along with other essentials to foster learning.

1. Kidz Learn has alphabets A-Z.The animation in the alphabets have quality photos and also enables them to learn 4 words for an alphabet.
2. The numbers (1 - 25)have sounds of animals and counting aid in a child's voice.
3. The alphabets and numbers are in tune with pictures and helps child to learn effectively.
4. This app is highly child friendly , having an easy interface .
5. The shapes and colors are detailed taking real life objects as an example.
6. There are 8 stories for kids.Stories are simple and help kids to appreciate nature.
7. The Body parts teaches kids all the external body parts, taking human body as an example.