KINGS ( Ring of Fire)


--- The fast, easy and fun game that gets the party going! ---
--- Stop talking and start drinking! ---

Stiff atmosphere? Boring company? Or is the drinking just going too slow? Download KINGS right now!

Fill the glasses, sit down in a ring and let someone draw the first card… Every card has a special challenge… What’s your verdict? Were you forced to knock back your glass? Or do all the guys have to take a gulp? No matter what, no glass will be left untouched by the time the game is over!

It’s time to get with the times. Lose grandpa’s deck of cards from the camper. The KINGS app is smooth, just click and drag. So easy that you’ll even be able to use the app after playing a whole evening...

The app includes six different extra versions! What about:

- DIRTY: the sensual and daring version…
- WASTED: if you really want to speed up the party…
- EVIL: for those who want to mess with your friends…
- THE SOCIAL GAME: a game that invites EVERYONE! (Not for the shy!)
- TRIVIA: the quiz version for all the know-it-alls!
… and there is even a pleasant and alcohol-free MORMON version! Okeeleedokeelee!

PS. KINGS is also known as "Ring of Fire", "King's Cup" or "Circle of Death". Different names, same sh*t!

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