Kiteboarding Wipeouts!



Kiteboarding is a spectacularly visual sport. The jumps are incredible ... and so are the wipeouts!!

This app utilises 114 real life footage videos of some of the most incredible jumps and fails and crashes!

The first57 videos are included :
That had to hurt
Kitesurfing Crash Stuff - High Airs
unhooked kiteloop crash
Crash Kitesurf backloop oupss
kite piletero by marian
Kitesurf Crash Compilation 2
crash kitesurf
Kiteboarding Movie - Teaser 2010
Kiteboarding Lessons - How To pack a kite properly
Tow-in Foil-Surfing Riding Swell
Kiteboarding Lessons - How To Wrap your Lines properly
Kiteboarding Lessons - How To choose the Right Fins
Kiteboarding BIG AIR to shallow water crash
Kiteboarding BIG AIR over sand
Kiteboarding Lessons - How To Repair a Ding in your board
Action Sports Compilation from 1994-2004
Kiteboarding Crashes in HD
Kiteboarding Crashes
Kiteboarding Lesson - 2 Kites 1 Bag
Kiteboarder Airs beside Rocks
FAIL How to Destroy a 1500 Kiteboarding Kite
Excess Baggage Homepage
Slingshot Skim Bungee Boarding Crashes
CRAZY Trampoline Jump off 45 foot Bridge
Kiteboarding Video Excess Baggage Episode 1
Excess Baggage 2 Kiteboarding
Excess Baggage 3 Kiteboarding
Excess Baggage 4 Kiteboarding
This is Kiteboarding
One Day Six Sports
Kiteboarding TimeLapses
George Takes a Kiteboard Lesson - Oct 2009
KiteBoarding Cabarete
weekend kiteboarding noosa rivermouth
Kite Surfing Tricks She Shines Huge Jumps in Saudi Middel East 5D Mark 2
Learning to Kitesurf
wwwslowtrickcom how to kiteboard kiteboarding tricks
Oldnew School Kiteboarding TRICKS
Rate these Tricks Kiteboarding
Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Argentina
1st unhooked tricks
Trip to Boracay 2010
Dans Bag of Tricks
Gorge Kiteboarding
Kite The Gorge USA 2002
Kitesurfing Backroll to revert GOLD COAST
Kiteboarding Brazil Crazy Loop
Matteo soltane
Kitesurfing dudette - for YouTubemov
Kite surfers Franky
Dereks Kiteboarding 2010
Kiteboarding in Key West
Extreme Kite Boarding
Kiteboarding At Wadell Beach Santa Cruz

and the rest can easily be added:
Crazy Video
Kite Surfing Eilat 016 Crash n Splash
roselli kite surf crash
Jonn Myers KiteSurfing Vid 1 July 09
Kiteboarding April 28 2008
Kiteboarding Maryland May 19th 2008
Sandy Point Slick
Ocean City Maryland Kiteboarding
Kiteboarding Egypt 2008
Kitesurfing PR
Friday the 13th
Kite Surfing Lido Beach Sarasota Florida Longer
Kite surfing - funny
Kite Skiing Green Hill April 1964
Kite Boarding at South Padre Island Texas
simon kiteboarding
Kite Boarding Lincoln Beach Utah Lake July 8 2009
Kite Boarder loses control
fun with kiting Flakkee-locals
kitesurfing longbay beef island british virgin islands
Kiteboarding in British Virgin Islands Virgin Gorda
cns safaga tobia island 05 2009 kite
VARI kiteboarding the emerald coast
Learning to Kiteboard
Nathan Borer SPI 2007
Sky High Kiteboarding Massive Jumps in the storm
17 Kitesurf - FINAL Master of the Ocean - triathlon - kiteboarding - FINAL - 09
Andys Back
Osprey kite sports kiteboarding in EXUMA 2010
shinn skim
Kiteboarding - Longest Wave
Biggest Kite Loop Ive EVER Seen
Aaron Hadlow Bring On KITEGEN
Kiteboarding Amazing Andy Hurdman
Kiteboarding The Amazing Andy Hurdman 2 Open Air
Kitesusrf Crash Compilation
Kitesurf Tow Up - 130 feet high
Sander LEN10 Virgin Islands 07 Full
kitesurfing at ls
The Kite surf Soul n Spirit
The Unknown Road Trailer Slingshot
Extreme Kiting
Kiteboarding Best Freestyle Shots 2006
2008 Slingshot Rev- Waveriding in West OZ
Aaron Ruben And Tom kicking it in Cumbuco Sept 2007
The Most Underrated trailer
Catapult Kiteboarding Denmark Ace 2008 Board
Self Launching a Bow kite
Spot X
kicker session ending in crash and smashed board
indoor windsurf
Close Up -DVD Trailer-
Poul 83 r verdens ldste kitesurfer

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