Kung Fu Classics Vol. 3

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    Ninja Death 1:
    Starring Lo Yiu and Luk Yee Fong. A future emperor child is saved from a village massacre As he grows up under the guidance of one known to him as "Master", h learns some of his true identity. The evil grand master sends a group of Ninjas to find White Tiger, the future emperor who is his only thread. Tiger's Master is attacked and seriously wounded, thus calling on all his inner strength to survive and reach his student, Tiger. The Master commences to convey to Tiger the origin of his birth.

    Deadly Duo:
    It's the Sung Dynasty versus the Chin invaders as the Iron Triangle of director Chang Cheh and stars David Chiang and Ti Lung truly hit their stride with this crowd-pleasing kung fu epic. When a handsome prince is taken captive and guarded by a martial arts master, it's up to two powerful patriots to fight overwhelming odds. From the first fascinating minute to the final desperate battle to the death, culminating in an unforgettably evocative conclusion -this duo is dynamic as well as deadly.

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