Learn ABC C for circus

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    Your Kids don't need to know all this 43 words to play with this app. Just let them play with it and the interactive function of this app will lead them to spell the word. This is incredible method to learn words.

    The first education app integrated the 3 major Game element inside.

    1. Explorer - peoples like to explore for more, this app include 108 words and picture together. You can't find so many picture and word that can learn in one app.
    2. Share with Friend - most peoples want to show off to their fan when they got level raise. Use our Friends Coner to share with friend via Sms, email and even exclusive ecard.
    3. Achievement - Every one want to achievement somethings in the game. May be a new level, collect some gift. Inside our "c for circus" that you can collect cup cake trophy and see score broad how many word was completed.

    Drag and Drop the alphabet to learn spelling. Included words from - atom, arm, ape, bus, bat, boat, bee, bird, bear, ball, bag, cat, cow, clay, corn, cake, cent, crab, clam, cap, doll, duck, door, deer, elk, eggs, ear, fort, fork, farm, food, fish, fire, four, frog, goat, gift, girl, gull, hat, hen, iron, iris, jam, kite, king, kiwi, lili, lamp, lamb, lion, lips, leaf, lock, moon, moth, maze, nine, nose, newt, nest, one, oven, oval, pail, pan, pig, pen, quiz, ring, rain, rake, rice, rope, rose, swan, star, sack, ship, six, sun, shoe, tool, taxi, ten, tent, toad, toy, two, tree, ufo, usa, van, vase, vest, vine, vote, worm, wolf, wall, xray, yak, yard, yarn, yolk, yoyo, zero, zoo.

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