Learn To Sing



Train your vocals and learn to sing with this comprehensive full-featured app.

Everything is included to get you started as a beginner, or give you further training if you've progressed a bit further. A range of lessons are included from first warm up, to breathing techniques, pitch and scales to singing like your favourite pop stars.

Here's a small sample of whats on offer:

Vocal Warm Up 1
Vocal Warm Up 2
Vocal Warm Up 3
Lesson 1- Learn To Breathe
Lesson 2- Breath Support
Lesson 3- How To Sing
Lesson 4- Fixing Breaks In The Voice
Lesson 5- Singing High Notes
Beginners How To Tongue Trill
Beginners How To Lip Trill
Develop Your Voice To Sing Better
How To Hit High Notes
Sing Using Your Diaphragm
The Creek Vocal Exercise
The Mi Me Ma Mo Mu Exercise
The Do Vocal Exercise
Sing Better Instantly
Lesson On Using The Diaphragm
Singing Free With No Tension
Sing Like Whitney Houston
10 Things You Shouldn't Do
How To Make Your Voice Deep
Freeing Your Voice Range
Throat Exercises
Belting With Intensity

And much, much more!

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