Let to ring a handbell



Is a hand bell colorful app designed for smartphones is "Let to ring a handbell". You can play the handbell easily if you use this app.

■ How to use
Handbell is displayed if you start this app.
If you touch a hand-bell will sound.
Make sure that you are not at the minimum the volume of the "media" when there is no sound.

◆ permission
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◆ purpose
This is a good place to play the music of Christmas, such as jingle bell handbell you have side-by-side like a piano keyboard.
This app is written the character of the scale to make it easier to understand the scale, especially in infants.
Children can enjoy it while learning character with a simple game sense because it sounds while tilt instrument colorful rainbow colors and a touch.
Through the play freely in the sense children like games, you can expect a well-rounded education.

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