Lie Detector Graph




    Want to know Truth!!! Go and get it using Lie Detector Graph!
    Is your friend is lying? Is your lover lying? There is only one way to find it using Lie Detector graph. Lie Detector Graph is a full of technical specification fingerprint scanner that tries to find out that Are you telling truth or a lie based on your finger print scan.

    Also you can find 10 themes and set as per your need.
    How it works?
    Just go and ask your question!!
    Ask your friend/Lover or any user to put their thumb on the scanning pad for few seconds.
    Press result button to show how you are truth?
    Wow!!! Here is the Truth!!!

    This Application is a Fake. None of the phone's screen have the ability to scan your finger print? it's just fake but Even though you can make your impression, make fun with your lover, with your friend.

    It's for only entertainment.

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