Lie Detector Pro

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    ****Note : This app doesn't actually catch lies , use it for fun only.****

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    The most classic app by 'INIMITABLE' now hit the market via "lie detector" . As it is artistic creation to detect truth or lie just for fun purposes.

    'Lie detector' analysis the recorded voice and detects whether the suspect is liar or not. To start with the app 'record' the voice of statement when recording completes the app start analyzing the and finally provide us the verdict weather its 'true or lie' .

    The whole process of analyzing and detection of truth or lie operate itself by a provided amazing interface which works on voice pitch modulation and timing of a person.
    Now find weather your friend is lying by simply asking questions to them. It’s all only for fun keep this in mind. don’t wait any more and go for the awesome experience by downloading this lie detector from the android market.

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