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    Is it true or false?
    Genuine or another lie?

    Tap > Speak > Get Result.

    There is only one way to tell! Lie Detector is a high tech that attempts to determine if you are telling the truth or a lie based on your voice that comes from heart.

    It gives true value when u test first time as it is Implemented on NATO algorithms.
    NATO algorithms form their published research on computerized voice stress analysis. I make no claims as to the accuracy of their algorithms.

    Does your friend tells the truth? No more lies with the this Lie Detector!
    Fool your friends and get fun! This is a fun app.
    What are you waiting for!? Impress your friends! Fool your enemies! Get the girl! All are possible when you download this Lie Detector!

    * The Lie Detector tests if somebody says the truth or lies.
    * If the recognizer is not present in your device then it will not work.
    * Prank your neighbors into thinking your phone can detect lies!
    * Fool your friends and family with this amazing lie detector.
    * Play jokes on your friends and family!
    * Simple UI.
    * One touch lie detector.
    * Unlimited Fun.

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