Light Saber (like starwars)



    It's App that u can enjoy as if u use the light saber of Star wars.

    Make you feel nostalgia.

    Seems fairly simple application, but I mentioned above with the nostalgia of Star Wars
    Also! Lightsaber drawn and swinging sound to other people to feel the ... It is quite addicting. ^ ^;

    * How to use
    1. If you touch the light saber, it will show up.
    2. If you touch the color icon at the bottom of the left side, you can change the color of the light saber freely.
    (When you touch the color icon, a circular color band shows up. If you choose a color by touching and dragging, the chosen color shows up and If you touch the circle, it will apply for the light saber right away.)
    3. If you shake your cell phone, you can enjoy various sound effect.

    You have to really look ^ ^

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