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    Lil Wayne music- despite the rappers current legal issues- still remains some of the most popular in the mainstream today. The New Orleans born rapper has put together numerous platinum recordings, including the three Carter albums, as well as an impressive list of collaborative efforts with Cash Money artists such as Birdman. Here's a look at the more influential Lil Wayne music over the past fifteen years...

    He was born on September 27, 1982 in New Orleans Louissiana. A straight A student in school, he never found school the creative outlet he required. At age 11, he convinced the manager of Cash Money to take him on, and promoted himself by freestyling on his answering machine. By 12 - yes, 12- he found himself touring with the Hot Boyz, a Cash Money fronted hip hop group.

    Shortly after, he dropped his solo debut album "Tha Block Is Hot." The album won the hearts of fans and critics alike, going double platinum and scoring a "Best New Artist" nomination from The Source. This was perhaps his most important album, in that it established him as a bankable solo artist and not a novelty act of a teenage MC.

    After the success of "Tha Block Is Hot," Lil Wayne music took a dive with his two following albums "Lights Out" and "500 Degreez," neither of which managed to enjoy the commercial success of his first album. It appeared the teen rap phenom was running out of steam. Until, however, the release of his landmark record "Tha Carter." The public and critics found his new album to be of a much deeper, conceptual nature than his previous work. It appeared, at least on wax, that Lil Wayne might be growing up.

    The follow up "Tha Carter 2" reached a new high water mark. It debuted on the charts at #2 and eventually sold over two million copies worldwide. It also marked the departure of longtime Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh; a fact that initially concerned critics, as Fresh had been a mentor and the guiding light for Lil Wayne.

    If Lil Wayne music seemed hot then, it only got hotter with the third installment. Within its first week of release, Tha Carter 3 went platinum. The hit single "Lollipop" topped the Billboard charts; a first for Lil Wayne in his music career. Concerns rose over the leaking of several songs prior to release 0 most of which appeared on various mixtapes- but if it did, no one noticed.