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220+ Channels now!
Only app to have a large collection of Live Tv Channels.

App also with Full latest Hindi,Tamil,English movies!

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All Regional and International Channels.

The Tv Channels are categorized as:


Hindi&North India(Hindi,Marathi,Bihar,Gujarathi,North East, and much more): 90+ Channels

Tamil: 20+ Channels

Telugu: 30+ Channels

Malayalam: 15+ Channels

Kanada: 5+ Channels

News: 50+ all language news Channels
English News
Hindi News
Telugu News
Tamil News
Malayalam News
kanada news
Other North Indian News

All kids channels 5+ Channels

English and International Channels in HD(60+ Large Collection)

11 Channels

Lifestyle: 4 Channels

All Major Tv Channels are included and more channels coming soon.

***No Flash Player Required
***No Sign Up Required
***Large Collection of Channel list
***Easy catagorised view
***Suitable for all devices
***Fast and reliable streaming

Please await for many more channels to be added.
Mail your requests! We will include them in next update.

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