Lotto 649 - Stats and Picks



Lotto 649 - Stats and Picks

NOTE: There is no need of internet connection to use this application.

Quick Pick and also you can pick your own numbers and both are verified against the 30 YEARS of LOTTO 649 winning numbers(1982 to 07 June 2014). Each numbers are also verified against the 30 years of lotto 6/49 winning numbers and show you how many times that particular numbers were drawn. Also, based on the combination you picked or from the quick pick, it shows you how many numbers are matched in the past history. See the screen shots for more information.

Quick Pick button - It generates random numbers between 1 and 49

Edit Pick - You can edit the quick pick generated numbers or add your own numbers and then click the "Update Stats" button to verify the stats with your own pick with the past 30 years of winning numbers

This would be a great tool to randomly generate numbers for Lotto 6/49 and also, can check with the history as well.

Pick numbers and use your inner sense to decide whether you want to go ahead with the picks.

Also, you can keep clicking the Quick Pick and it will generate random numbers on each click

and at the same time it shows the statistics against last 30 years winning numbers.

The user interface is very easy to use.

Make sure that you always verify your winning numbers/policies against the official lotto 6/49 for more accurate information.

Good Luck!

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