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The only Love Calculator that analyses the name, the age and the astrological signs of two persons. While other love calculators use only a random calculator, this test is based upon a special algorithm composed by astrology, numerology and the strength of bond between you and your loved one's names. Check your compatibility with your partner, or the girl/boy you met at a bar yesterday.

This Love Test can be a really fun tool to use with friends to get a laugh at whether or not their relationships will be successful too. The love calculator is not meant to decide your fate but is a fun, entertaining tool to determine who your love match is!

You can post the results on Facebook to show your friends if you and your girlfriend/boyfriend are a great match!

It is especially fun to use on a birthday, on an anniversary, before Valentine's day, every time when you are among people.

**The app is in English! Please don't give me bad ratings because you do not speak English. Thank you.**

Note: This application is meant for entertainment only. The application has no intention to hurt the user's sentiments. So, just play along!

In order to keep the Love Calculator free, I added ads. Simple banner ads, no notification, no shortcut. Please don't give me bad ratings, because you don't like ads. Thank you!

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The origin of love: In Roman mythology, Cupid is the god of desire, affection and erotic love. He is often portrayed as the son of the goddess Venus.

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