Love Keyboard



Love Keyboard is the custom keyboard for your handset. Love Keyboard is unique and complete by itself and does not require any third party apps. If you are in love and show your love to someone this is the key board to have. Tell your loved ones all your love messages are now typed on Love Keyboard.

Love Keyboard has awesome looking Love themed Keyboard. Love Theme is the best way to show off your love. Love Keyboard has ability to set custom features like Sounds on Clicking keyboard, Vibrate on key press, Dictionary and contacts support.

Love Keyboard best way to type love messages, Love songs, Love Poems on your phone. Now write your Love Quotes on your love keyboard.

Love Keyboard is great love test to determine if you are in love with someone. You have Love Keyboard thats the proof for your Love Test that you are in love. Now go out and tell everyone that you are in love and show off your love keyboard.

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