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A collection of love pictures, some with quotes.

  • Share Photos
  • Save Photos
  • Needs better way to browse
  • Frequent full screen ads

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"A collection of love pictures"


This app has a collection of pictures, some with quotes, to send to loved ones. You can share through any of the share services on your phone, and you can save them to your phone. There are frequent full screen ads however, and no way to browse apps other than left and right arrows.


This app lets you browse through a collection of photos to send to loved ones, many with quotes on them. Most (but not all) of the pictures are reasonably high quality. You can share photos through any of the share services on your phone, or save them to your SD card.


The app is in need of a better browsing system, such as categories - the only way to browse photos is with right and left arrows. There are also very frequent full screen ads which interrupt use.

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by Oliver

Mar 17, 2015

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