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The Love Test triumphed in other systems now for Android! As a launch offer, completely FREE!

Think of the name of the person you like, your current partner or the famous character you have always been in love with and this test will automatically calculate the chances that your relationship works or not. And you can easily check the results because it also shows your lucky number and the personality that is related therewith. To do so, the Love Test, uses a method based on the ancient oriental numerology I Ching (Yijing or also called the I King). This method, as any serious prediction method does not ensure 100% results, but it offers a forecast with a high success rate.

Throughout history, all the cultures have given numbers a great importance, their properties and their uses. For the ancient Greeks, everything was related to a number and every number was divine. Numbers are the force that keeps the eternal permanence of the cosmos, make the rules, the order, the music and the meaning.


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Authors: Mario Cao and Carlos Bethencourt


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